Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Project Small Tales is Live!

Welcome! The Small Tales Editorial Board is super excited today to announce the kick off of our project. So what is the project, exactly? Small Tales is a new anthology of cross-genre short stories. And we're open to submissions.

Small Tales was started by Sierra Godfrey, Linda Leszczuk, MC Howe, Vince Ferraro, and Mike Chen - five writers who compose the Editorial Board. 

Small Tales will be published electronically, and will feature short stories up to 5000 words in length (excepting erotica and poetry). The idea is to present good fiction, laid out in easy to read style, in PDF or e-reader format.

Small Tales will be published in August 2011. We're really excited about putting together a collection of good fiction, and would love your submission. See our Submissions page for info on submitting.  

Stay tuned to this blog--we'll have more info about the short stories, interviews with authors, posts about e-publishing, and lots more. 

Have any questions about Small Tales, how was it formed, or what the process will be? Leave a comment!

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